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Hey, I'm Anthony. I'm an aspiring games programmer from the UK. I've been making games using Unity for the past 4 years and am interested in learning about how the engines  work, so I'm currently studying BSc Games Programming at Staffordshire University.


My first published game was on Android, and was a simple infinite scrolling game called Skyline. At the time I was really happy with it, and it was great just to finish a game and publish it, I learnt a lot from it.


Following the release of Skyline, I found out about itch.io and decided to create some more small games to learn more about game development, Unity and C#. These were mostly very simple and created in only a week.


I started taking part in a few game jams on itch.io too, and made a game for LOWREZJAM16, where I made a small FPS in a week called Reclaim Earth, the jam's theme was to make a game with a screen resolution of 64x64. Whilst making the game, I starting speaking with a composer who made the soundtrack for the game and later introduced me to an artist. We all decided to expand upon Reclaim Earth after the game jam, but later we all became to busy with school/work/life and had to stop development of Reclaim Earth.


After Reclaim Earth, I released Secret of Malarith. Secret of Malarith was a final major project in my second year of college and I worked on it with 2 others, Tom and Mitch. I was the programmer on the project, Tom was the artist and Mitch made the audio.


The following year at college, I decided to work by myself on a game called Case White. It's an FPS game with a retro art style set in WW2. I'm happy with the final game, the reason I decided to work by myself on the project is so I could practice every aspect of game development and challenge myself.


Recently I've been trying to explore games development outside of Unity. I've been trying to learn how engines are made and what techniques are used for rendering the games. It's been fun and I'm looking forward to learning more at University.